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Flying For Africa visits White Elephant

Michael Fay, the well known conservationist and researcher from the World Conservation Society, is doing a 15 month long low level aerial transect across Africa transversing every major eco-region on the continent.

His 600 hour recognizance began in June this year from Cape Town.

The aim of the Megatransect II is to identify places that are still ecologically intact and to generate interest in these areas for conservation. He will be observing people, vegetation and wildlife across the continent in order to draw conclusions about the state of Africa from a human and natural point of view.

The Bateleurs, a non profit organisation that flies for the environment, is providing a supporting role. To ensure this project is a major success the more local knowledge of the complexities of the human situation, where the wild areas are, how wild they really are, and local contacts, was passed on to Michael.

The Bateleurs obtained White Elephant's support in this by recommending places they considered to be the wildest place in different eco-regions of Swaziland, Zululand and northern Kwazulu Natal i.e. that area that has the lowest human impact and where the ecosystem is relatively intact.

Michael Fay also required information on airfields however small or remote, be they on farms, wilderness areas or elsewhere that may be of use to them.

On Wednesday 16 June 04, Michael, Peter Ragg and film crew landed at White Elephants private airfield and where hosted for the evening at White Elephant Bush Camp.

According to Peter Morrison, spokes person for The Bateleurs, they really enjoyed their stay and found Pongola Game Reserve very interesting and beautiful. Before their departure they had the opportunity to go 'elephanting' and found the elephants great. Mike enjoyed meeting White Elephant owner, Dr Heinz Kohrs, and appreciated him sharing his knowledge about the Space for Elephant initiative and the area.

Megatransect II is a huge undertaking and of enormous significance to anyone who holds dear our fragile environment and its ultimate preservation. White Elephant is proud to have made a contribution to its success.

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